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Peter Hunt after Deep Brain Stimulation surgery for Parkinson’s disease in 2014.

A message from Peter Hunt

Although born in New York, my family lived for six years of my youth in Athens, Greece. It was a transition period in Greece, and antiquities surrounded us, hidden in bushes along the roadside as well as in the museum environment one would ordinarily expect. Encountering gems of discovery at every turn inspired in me the nurturing of a life-long curiosity about everything.  Growing up in Greece opened me to the idea of the considered adventurer, a concept not specifically defined until fifty years later. I devised the label of considered adventurer retrospectively as a term identifying how I had lived my life so far, as well as how I desired to continue my life.

More akin to an independent philosophy, a life style, than the popular idea of an adventurer, I felt no need to label it until 2023 when I decided to reach out to those dissatisfied with their responses to life, specifically, those with Parkinson’s who knew intuitively that making a cure to this disease their life priority would not bring them one step closer to happiness, nor  make peace possible as death approached.

Unlike the adrenaline junkie or treasure hunter, both of whom set out for adventure with an overarching goal, usually strongly attached to a monetization of the experience, the considered adventurer is foremost a student of practical philosophy.  As a considered adventurer, my primary goal is to discover on the deepest possible level who I am. This journey of self discovery will come to an end, perhaps, only after I am dead. It is a life style that celebrates every day occurrences, recognizing that each experience carries independent, often personal, meaning. The considered adventurer is, at his best, a Socratic warrior of self discovery.

A bit about me.

I started diving in 1978 and crewed on several wreck diving boats based out of New York during high school and college, including the Research Vessel Wahoo, made famous in the best selling book Shadow Divers (and several other books, notably The Last Dive, Deep Descent, and Setting the Hook). I was fortunate enough to complete four expeditions and 13 dives to the Andrea Doria in 1983 and 1984, at the time, widely considered the Mount Everest of shipwreck  diving. After graduating with a history degree from Brown University in 1985, I joined the navy and trained as an A-6 Intruder attack pilot.

During naval service, I completed three aircraft carrier deployments to the Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, and Western Pacific. Leaving the navy after ten years of active duty, my combat awards include the Distinguished Flying Cross and three Air Medals, all with the combat “V” for valor. In 1995, I went to work for United Airlines flying as a First officer on Boeing 767, 757, and 737 aircraft until being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2005 at age 43.

I look at Parkinson’s disease as an opportunity to learn more about myself, in my opinion, the single most important activity we humans can engage in this world. Inevitably, exploring who you are leads to your meaning and purpose on this earth. The critical nature of this oft neglected pursuit is frequently overlooked in today’s society of “more will bring extended happiness.”Or, just as harmful, again, in my opinion, the natural urge to discover your origins and purpose are delegated to a pre-packaged religion without considered thought or reflection.

On that note, please let me say straight off, my style of Parkinson’s treatment goes against the grain of most conventional thinking. Everybody is different in their response to chronic disease, so please be judicious in choosing which ways of thinking or strategies, if any, are right for you. Please go to,

Blue Water: a preview of Peter Hunt’s forthcoming book

for more information on my  controversial approach to living life fully with Parkinson’s disease. 

I hold a master’s degree from the University of Washington, am the father of two adult children, and lives with my wife of 32 years on Whidbey Island. My books include Angles of Attack, Setting the HookThe Lost Intruder, and Beyond Identity. Welcome to my ongoing adventure.

A bit about Peter’s writing topics

Join Peter Hunt as he catapults from the deck of the USS Ranger into first combat (ANGLES OF ATTACK), dives deep within the Mount Everest of shipwrecks years before the advent of “technical diving” (SETTING THE HOOK), or battles impossible odds while fighting Parkinson’s disease his way (THE LOST INTRUDER).

Peter’s latest book, BEYOND IDENTITY, NAVIGATING LIFE’S WATERS WITH PARKINSON’S DISEASE, is a collection of 90 short writings from six years of postings on his blog.

Thoughtful and always told with humble good humor, Peter Hunt shares his stories in a dogged attempt to uncover life mysteries, often traveling in the most unexpected of directions.

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