Book: Setting the Hook

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The 1956 collision of the Andrea Doria and the Stockholm triggered a night of sheer terror for the Andrea Doria’s 1,706 passengers and crew and set in motion one of history’s most dramatic rescues at sea. From the moment the Andrea Doria settled on the sea floor in 240 feet of water, skilled sport divers have risked their lives to simply touch the “Mount Everest of wreck diving.” Not all returned alive.

Peter Hunt crewed on five Andrea Doria expeditions during the early 1980s before becoming a Navy pilot and settling in Washington State. Nearly twenty years after first exploring the Andrea Doria – and following twelve months of training in the sport’s amazing advances in equipment and techniques – Hunt hugged his wife and children goodbye and returned to New York to dive the Andrea Doria once again. The experience transformed him forever.

Setting the Hook explores the Andrea Doria through an introspective odyssey of memory, heart-pounding adventure, and history as thirty years of extreme diving and enduring friendships merge in a personal tale of learning to accept life’s oldest challenge.

What the critics are saying:

…fascinating read of true adventure, very much recommended. –The Midwest Book Review

…a great diving book, but an even better people book. –Charles George, Wreck Diving Magazine

A “Must Pack” book for your next dive vacation. –Sport Diver Magazine

A deep-sea diver explores shipwrecks and his own character in this gripping scuba memoir…Hunt’s taut scenes and meticulous prose will have readers holding their breath, but his saga probes hidden depths as well. –Kirkus Reviews

…fully delivered on the diving, adventure and technical fronts, but it was the human angle of the author’s very personal journey that elevates this much recommended book. –C. H. Blickenstorfer,

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…enthralling personal account…gripping subplot. –Undercurrent Magazine, Editor’s Pick of the month

Peter Hunt’s engaging memoir…offers a thoughtful perspective of America’s wreck diving scene. –Simon Rogerson, British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) SCUBA Magazine

…a book truly meant for everyone…heartfelt and inspiring story of diving, the fragility of life, and a reflection on our humanity. –Dive News Network Media Group, publishers of five regional print and electronic magazines

…a story of camaraderie, conflict, drama, success and failure in early technical diving, and also one man’s personal struggle… thought-provoking…highly recommended. –Jesper Kjøller, DYK-The Scandinavian Dive Magazines

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