Book: Angles of Attack

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The second edition of Angles of Attack, an A-6 Intruder Pilot’s War (originally published by Ballantine Books/Random House 2002) with updated acknowledgement and biography is now available in Trade Paperback and Kindle format at

“This…Gulf War memoir is excellent; it really does put the reader in the cockpit…Peter Hunt’s enthusiastic account is one of the best of the type this reviewer has read in recent years.”
-Peter Mersky, The Hook – Journal of Carrier Aviation Book Review, February 2003.

From “The Windcreen,” quarterly periodical of The Intruder Association.

From the back cover, second edition:

From the carrier launch in total darkness to the gut-dropping rolls through enemy antiaircraft fire, Peter Hunt puts you in the pilot’s seat for the flight of your life.

Moments after the first Gulf War began in 1991, attack pilot Pete Hunt was catapulted into the night sky from the deck of the USS Ranger. For the next six weeks, Hunt executed dozens of bombing missions into Kuwait and Iraq, including all-weather low-level attacks, A-6 Intruder missions so hazardous that they would never be flown in combat again.

Whether Hunt was dropping laser-guided bombs on precision targets, supporting the Marines on the ground, or conducting attacks along the infamous “highway of death,” America’s mission was clear – to force the invading Iraqi army out of Kuwait.

Operation Desert Storm – America’s first full-scale conflict since Vietnam – proved to the world that the U.S. military was still battle-ready after decades of Cold War and set the stage for military interventions for years to come.  Hunt’s gripping depiction of A-6 Intruders in combat is a thought provoking account of what America asks of her military every day.

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