Contrived distortion

During a recent hike, I noticed a seal swimming near shore in the swift Deception Pass current. The seal appeared to be paralleling my course, swimming effortlessly into the current but only making marginal headway before transitioning to his version of backstroke and moving quickly with the water’s flow.

The seal was carefree and enjoying himself, playing like a child. What allowed the seal to ignore worries, not being concerned with his next meal or getting hit by a passing boat, not driven by a goal or outcome?

Could it be because the seal was unburdened by the concept of time? There is a case that time is a manufactured accommodation, a human tool, to help describe a constantly changing universe. Time might be nothing more than an expression of the constraints that reason and the senses have erected in our understanding of the true nature of change.

So, is it time that makes us resist change? If not, then what force has us clinging desperately to separate narrative realities, egos divided by contrived distortions of an inexplicable worldview that is perhaps beyond our ken to fathom genuinely?

We are born to this world coming from one and tutored to accept the physical separation of birth as extending to our innermost voice. It is only approaching death that most of us probably catch sight of the barest sideways glimmer of life as it is, with the run-down clock laying raw animation’s panorama.

When we act as one, brief moments of unity permeate the soul with blessing’s curse of kindness-based joy. The truth burns through the veil of deceit, confident and precise, straddling two vastly different realities, a blithe unified theory of everything.

Partitioned discord veers our path away from innocence and love, stranding happiness and peace as they yearn to be free. It will take all of us to reject the separation that plagues man’s continued evolution, one by one, merging in the unity that is.

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