Enduring intentions

We are born free and bred into insecurity, bequeathed from ancestors an innate fear of being revealed as the scared little children we are, searching for our place in the world. We have learned instead to march to an unfamiliar beat, a role of rules and retribution.

We fight an internal battle, some with great secrecy, others gleefully open, to become who we are. Everyone’s path is different; we make individual decisions on which rules to ignore and which to incorporate into the belief system that is our life.

Treating those with whom you disagree with kindness and humility, not from fear, but the higher awareness that we are all nothing but scurrying cockroaches on a sinking ship of oppression, imbues life with meaning, opening a path to peace.

Following your heart’s humility relies on the gratification of the soul without regard for legacy. Charmed by the serene frolic of soulful presence, oblige spectators with love’s ubiquity in grace, smiling in gratitude for life in all its forms.

Kindness and love are life’s only enduring intentions, the sole tools available to move forward in the hidden game. Be kind, love, and witness regrets and hope vanish in the warmth of connection, hoisting the flag of neutrality, watching, and believing. Love always wins.

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