Several actual Amazon customer reviews of “The Lost Intruder, the Search for a Missing Navy Jet”

“Superlative writing that takes aviator adventure tales to a new level of existentialism. There are pain-filled episodes described that are indelible once read. However, the author found that his debilitations unexpectedly enhanced his inner life and perceptions of others. Very memorable and graciously instructive. This is a rare find.”

  • Kmag54           August 13, 2020

“I first heard about this story from an Air & Space article about “Christine” and the many gremlins this aircraft had. I couldn’t wait to download and read the whole story. If you’re any kind of aviation-enthusiast you will be drawn into the technical details of how Peter and his team did what the Navy couldn’t. Despite the hardships mother nature threw, Peter was battling one even greater but fought through it better than I’m sure most of us could have. And of course there will be some characters along the way that make things even more interesting. Buy it, read it, enjoy it because it’s worth it… and it happened.”

  • MLiep              July 5, 2021

“Incredible, fast paced, captivating read. This book works as a how-to on a process for identifying an impossible goal and making it happen but the author adds so much more. The documentation of the search, details on technical diving and military aircraft are the threads which the author weaves though the larger story of life with a challenging disease. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. If you dive, fly, are into military aviation or boat in the Puget Sound this is a must read. Very inspirational.”

  • Amazon customer      September 12, 2017

“An incredible adventure story combining diving and flying during a naval aviator’s quest to find an aircraft lost in the sea, while fiercely fighting a debilitating personal physical battle. This book is an inspiring page turner about the indomitable human spirit!”

  • Amazon customer      December 6, 2017

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