Melancholy’s dark anthem

Unconditional love’s elegant beauty slices through life’s clutter, revealing the hidden edge of sacred meaning and conceding the barest glimpse of grace without relinquishing a tight grip on neverland’s illusory realities.

To love unconditionally is to best a universal fear, to banish love’s nebulous shadow permanently and irrevocably. Surrendering to life’s quizzical dream completely, welcoming the welling up of the natural glow of playful happiness, dismisses love’s darker side, ejecting the fear-mongering dualism running rampant throughout the multiplicity of man’s institutional expression.

Ego’s stranglehold on the reigns of the psyche demands blood payment to eke out even the barest of truths, to allow it to bask in fading light. Discovering love’s secret key bears the cost of enduring arduous self-reflection in the blackened harmony of melancholy’s anthem.

With unconditional love comes the joy of permanent absolution, a price well worth paying.

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