New life

Reveling in translation to the material world, new life bridges love’s eternal unity, transiting from darkness to light in the purity of innocence, enraptured in life’s simple joy of wonder.

Opening eyes wide to morning’s natural glow, rejoicing in life’s simple awe, new life remains unaware of joy’s fleeting nature, grace’s inevitable sacrifice to the future through the maturation of crippling manhood.

And what of me, a 15 year old temperament fettered irreducibly by a 60 year old appearance and a 90 year old’s physical incapacity?

Content as observer, grateful to be alive, to witness the intense beautification of novel family, eyes weeping ecstatic tears of love’s eternal messenger, towering glimpses of blessings beyond ordinary ken remind me with the searing power of the present why it is that I continue to choose life.

All seen in the fleeting purity of a baby’s eyes. Welcome to this world, baby Enzo.

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