A supreme freedom

Several people have asked me to provide a summary of my anti-Parkinson’s disease strategy as seen posted on social media video reels. With such a wide variety of symptoms, Parkinson’s is indeed an ala carte disease, manifesting differently in each patient. These strategies work for me, but they are sure to prove ineffective for some others with Parkinson’s. Please treat them as gentle suggestions.

1. Exercise strenuously but imaginatively, pushing hard until well outside your comfort zone while focusing on overcoming a specific PD trait, such as degraded balance.
2. Incorporate an anti-Parkinson’s strategy into an enjoyable hobby that will be fun to practice.
3. Regularly practice a form of creativity, such as painting, playing a musical instrument, or photography, opening doors to a well-nourished soul while promoting a sense of spirituality.
4. Be kind. We are all subject to life’s integral suffering; putting the needs of others first helps one endure. Everyday examples of compassion and empathy are sorely needed in today’s world as they convey tender meaning imprinted by grace.
5. Staying active can be daunting for the Parkinson’s afflicted, we are enveloped in the dull fog of a seemingly insurmountable lethargic apathy. Creatively explore opportunities to practice acts of kindness while focused on finding a way to be active.

And here is the important part. Treat Parkinson’s as a special positive in your life, a uniquely human opportunity to discover your true self and your actual limitations. Even if these actions don’t alter Parkinson’s path, you will feel infinitely better, clearing the mental and physical clutter that precludes long-term, consistent happiness.

Parkinson’s may still win in the end, but that fact gradually loses its power of fear, becoming just another life truism to accept, making it easy to laugh at everything, especially yourself. Practice the supreme freedom of having fun with your disease, laughing at the haphazard craziness of life. 

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  1. Very well said my friend! You sure have a phenomenal way of orchestrating words so that they dance for others; whatever the topic, whatever the tone, and whatever challenge or ease you are choosing to share. Thank you.

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