2023’s final sun.

December 31, 2033

It is odd – according to common thinking – that as each year gets more difficult for me, my happiness and sense of contentment proportionately grow greater as well. There are many reasons for this, but I believe the crux of the answer lies in perspective.

I honestly don’t feel anything for what the future holds for me—I am just so thankful to all my family, friends, and followers for believing in me through your support and tolerance of what sometimes can look like childish antics. I’d make a New Year’s resolution, but we all know how they tend to turn out. In my heart, I’ll always be 15.

Happy New Year, everyone; I am forever grateful for each of you and your role in my life. Here is to your sense of peace and contentment for 2024, regardless of life circumstances. And a final thought (about now, it becomes painfully clear why the Universe has decided to take my voice – he just won’t shut up, will he?): Easier does not mean better, especially in life.

I love you all.

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