View from the shadows.

The heat of the June sun is in perfect harmony with the gusty wind, forming the perfect bond between two of nature’s most primal forces. This enhances the illusion of greater meaning in man’s imagined machinations. Days like this usually surprise me with unexpected complexity.

I continue my walk. The bright sun threatens to wash out the panorama, revealing the truth and exposing the order’s decay. Yet, as I walk in the threatening light, experiencing life’s price of admission, a generalized discomfort, the brilliance of empty beauty is unimpressive in its grandeur. Why does the scene haunt in its desolation?

It isn’t until I step into a maple tree’s shadow that a glimmer of comprehension overwhelms me. I hold this dear, oldest of friends near, reminding me, once again, that I know nothing. I am nothing. Strange words to take comfort in unless you are in the shade of a Maple tree.

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