Defining love

November 12, 2023

Children are born with intact awareness and understanding of love’s miracle of simplicity. It is only society’s enculturation that needlessly complicates a comprehension of perhaps life’s most fundamental truth—just as essential to evolving beyond western culture’s spiritual stasis, the royal lie of scarcity, is a common marker of awareness that “I am nobody,” not to be confused with reducing the statement to society’s lowest level of introspection, “I am a nobody.”

In revelation’s epiphany, basking in the unequivocal rawness of calm that ensures, and reassures that “it” (life and death) is all really okay, its assumed corollary, “I do not exist,” is also on the path toward enlightenment for that person, understanding that you are also everything.

Love is similar.

Love is everything. And love is nothing. The apparent contradiction is, in my opinion, beyond the thinking mind’s ken; it cannot be understood by the thinking mind. It can only be felt with the heart. This may be why there is such confusion with romantic love and the extant truth of love as a universal energy of endless possibility.

Love is the energetic building block of matter, of form. Love creates all that we know and think we know. Love is everything; and equally true is that love is nothing, maybe because our ability to imagine nothingness and the personal expectations that determine our individual realities are devised and fabricated by love as well.

Perhaps Albert Einstein said it best: love is the universe’s common currency.

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