Roll out

October 20, 2023

Why roll a book out at a restaurant? Why not a bookstore, or library, or any place where there was not an existential threat of BBQ sauce saturation?

Those who know me are deeply aware of my penchant for doing things unconventionally. After today, however, I see clear reason for the venue’s propriety. Tomorrow’s Book signing will be the third (or is it the fourth?) at the BBQ Joint, each more successful than the last. Some of life’s most interesting conversations have occurred for me here amid splattering BBQ sauce.

I first started coming to The BBQ Joint when I was interviewing a now deceased friend about his unique experiences in World War Two and Vietnam, most of which is still highly classified, has little to do with flying, and was not available for public dissemination as late as 2015/16 when the interviews occurred. Reliving experiences that can only be described as horrific, in the end the raw emotion became too much for him and for the sake of his sanity he bowed out. A part of me was relieved.

The owners and workers at the BBQ Joint are all either related or are as close to family as can be conceived: they give generously of their money, time, and at home atmosphere to ensure the young sailors stationed on Whidbey have a home here as well. My conversations with Tim, Sonna, Kyla, and Courtney are as real as they get. It is a place of authenticity and kindness.

I hope to see you all tomorrow 21 OCTOBER, at The BBQ Joint from 12 noon to 3:00 for a book signing.

Love to you all. Peter

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