Life changing

October 12, 2017

Six short years ago, Greg and I were partaking in some “shark repellent,” the night before we departed on a plane to make the 18-hour boat ride to Guadeloupe Island, Mexico to cage dive with Great White sharks.

Twelve years out from a life-changing young onset Parkinson’s diagnosis, I viewed this as probably the final organized adventure of my life. Turns out, I was correct.

I enjoyed the Great White trip immensely, despite coming home with few photos actually taken by me as I practiced solid environmental awareness, “taking only pictures and leaving only Go-Pros,” as Parkinson’s curious selectivity required a dual sacrifice of both of my Go-Pros to Poseidon.

Only making one or two dives a day (most on board made considerably more daily dives, with the record high going to Bob Scarevaza, owner with his wife Kelly of Anacortes Diving and Supply, something like 27 dives in a single day).

With my days of organized adventure behind me, do I feel sad or depressed? Not in the least: there is truly a time for everything, and I still manage to enjoy nearly daily unscripted adventure, usually due to some Parkinson’s induced foibles…what I feel mostly is Melancholy’s fullness of purpose.

Just reward for a life well lived, and as the sayings go, “I ain’t dead yet.” Sorry, Satan, not today.

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