October 16, 2023

I first saw this rainbow on my way home from the boat. What struck me as curious was the apparent grace with which it altered its fundamental radiant message. First seeing it framing a wooded area, the notion of a relaxed description, such as “the nature of nature” was perfect for that moment. Once the final 90 degree turn of the dock was made, the rainbow had changed its position and its aura, adopting a far lighter tone as the rainbow’s two ends draped either side of the marina store, not exactly a spot of terribly lofty conversation.

Able to keep sight of the rainbow for most of the ten minute ride home, I marveled at how effortlessly the rainbow changed not just its location but its tone and message as well.

Once home, judging from social media, the rainbow was widely seen: if was, indeed, one of those rare moments in modern Society of relatively widespread shared humanity.

It is clear to me that the rainbow was reflecting back to us the tone of our present mood and focus. Truly observing the greater world around us can teach us much about ourselves. And it was refreshing to read about so many people seeing beauty reflected back at them, kinda made me feel like I was a part of something bigger, mysterious, and exalted,, watching humanity from afar, blessing us as one.

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